Asthma worse, chronic deep skin itch

October 15, 2006

South Burlington

She has asthma, has had it all her life. Says this was a bad allergy year but she never got better. She has to use her inhaler after she takes a shower and never had to use it before unless she was around “something in bloom or animals”.

Her 12-year old daughter has developed a chronic deep skin itch that started in July. The pediatrician can’t figure out what is causing it.

Burning eyes, dry skin, congested sinuses

September 2006

Essex Jct.

Started noticing symptoms a week after 4/10

Burning tearing dry eyes, forehead itches — skin itches. Dry flaky skin. Congested sinuses, nose constantly dry and mucousy. Showers once a day, washes hair every time. Hair is extremely dry.

Hands burn and itch, Sneezes and runny nose



Teacher.  Hands burn and itch from washing dishes, sneezes and runny nose after doing dishes, standing over hot water, breathing steam. Has a dry spot over an eye — never had this before. Washes dishes 2-3x a day- all the kids’ dishes, pots, etc.  She is hauling spring water to cook food with, for drinking, for washing linens. BIG DRAG.

A colleague in Shelburne got bright red, burned skin from washing dishes, in 15 mins. it gets better.

Bumps on hands

September 2006

Essex Jct.

Has sore throat, dizziness, vomiting, bumps on hands that tea tree oil helps, lymph node on right side is swollen, hard to swallow, tired.

Skin itches after shower


Has a suppressed immune system, on certain drugs that require her to drink a gal. of water a day.

Showers in the spring made her skin itch right after a shower. Started in April/May. She told me this before I told her the date of the switch to chloramine.

She only has itchy skin now, but is very concerned about her future health, given her immune system situation.

Rash, red skin, trouble breathing



By the 2nd-3rd week of May he had developed a little rash, red skin, itchy, dry, tight skin. Noticed this particularly after each shower.

Red blotches all over body, scalp “all scabbed up like cradle cap”. Went to MD who said he had seborraga (sp?) and prescribed pills and cream. They help somewhat, he at least is able to sleep at night, but that’s about it. The itching is still pretty intense. He describes the blotches on his body: about an inch in diameter, white dried flaky skin around the edges, red skin inside, and what looks like a pimple in the center.

In July he had an episode in the heat where he got dizzy, had trouble breathing. He decided he wasn’t drinking enough water so he started drinking a lot of tap water. After 6 days on the tap water his teeth were all loose. Then he read a letter to the editor in the Burl. Free Press about chloramine and stopped drinking tap water. His teeth tightened back up.

Dry and burning eyes, son’s asthma is worse



I’ve been talking with friends and neighbors and am astonished to learn how few people even know that a change has been made to the water disinfection.  Several people told me their eyes have been dry and burning and one mom said that she has not been able to figure out why her son’s asthma has worsened steadily since April.